Workshop Session Breakdown

Day 1: Evaluate design, Cut templates (if necessary), Tidy blank, Remove thickness, Shape rails, rocker, foil.
Day 2: Final clean, Dimensions & signature, Gather decals, Colour (if required),Prep for laminating, Glass bottom.
Day 3: Prep for deck lamination, Glass deck, Check swell, Surf? Tidy high spots, Hot coat deck.
Day 4: Hot coat bottom, Sand, Fin and leash plugs, Sand, Gloss deck.
Day 5: Gloss bottom, Wet & dry, Polish.

What we will cover; Shaping or secondary shaping and refining your pre-cut blank.
Producing your own logo / decal, Glassing your board, Curing your board and Hot coating.
Installing fins & leash plug, Making your own fins or handplane (time permitting), Glossing & Polishing.

Hopefully get a surf in... waves, weather and transport permitting.
If you have a dinged or damaged board you haven't got round to repairing by yourself or professionally,
feel free to bring it along and we will show you how to perfect your D.I.Y ding repairs.

We also offer a 1 to 1 tuition for those new to surfing, or looking for a quick refresh before heading out!
If you are interested then please get in touch so we can arrange this before your arrival.